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The new Resler module combines the function of the black "Resler Interface V6" as interface for the I-BUS App with functions for controlling the lights (Coming/Leaving Home, comfort flashing etc.) and mirrors (folding/unfolding with the central locking system) in one device.
The Resler module completely replaces the Resler Interface V6 and may be exchanged plug'n'play. This means: Disconnect the Resler interface from the USB and 4-pin plug, plug in the Resler module and you are ready to go. 😊

This allows the Resler module to be used:

  • with an Android Navi as an interface for the I-BUS plus the light/mirror functions, or.
  • WITHOUT an Android radio in any E38/E39/E46/E53/E83 as a standalone device for the light/mirror functions
  • all settings on the module can be adjusted via the I-BUS app or comfortably on the PC with the Resler Module Configurator.

In addition to the interface for the I-BUS app, the Resler module provides the following functions:

  • Coming/Leaving Home light sequences with the key remote control - without having to switch the radio to "consumer shutdown" (always or depending on the calculated twilight of the respective location [without light sensor!])
  • Fold/unfold mirrors with the original key remote control (on E46/E83/E85 only with mirror memory)
  • Start/stop aux ventilation/heater with original key remote control (except E46/E83/E85)
  • Control of comfort blinking, cornering lights, daytime running lights and highway lights (independent of the I-BUS app)
  • further functions in planning

Where to get the Resler Module?

The Resler Modul may be ordered exclusively in I-BUS App Shop.

How can you differentiate between Resler Interface and Resler Module?

The housing of the Resler Interface is black, the housing of the Resler Module is orange.
or this purpose, the app recognises whether a Resler interface or a Resler module is plugged in and displays this accordingly.

So what can I now do with my old Resler interface?

We kindly ask for your understanding that we do NOT accept the Resler interface as a trade-in. However, for existing customers who have already purchased a Resler interface from us, a discount is set up for the purchase of the Resler module in our shop. If you like, you can offer your Resler interface in this group or in the known exchanges.

Is it possible to set the functions?

For sure! All functions of the Resler Module may be set up with I-BUS app up on version 2.2 or on a MS Windows computer with our Resler Module Configurator.

Comparison Resler Interface vs. Resler Module

Resler Interface V6 Resler Modul
Using the I-BUS app

(on-board computer, comfort blinking etc. pp)1

Keep using OEM DSP amplifier

(only BMW E38/E39/E53)2

Coming/Leaving Home light sequences

(with remote control in the vehicle key)3,6

Folding/unfolding the mirrors

(with remote control in the vehicle key)4,6

Start/stop aux ventilation/heater

(with remote control in the vehicle key)5,6,7

Comfort blinking6 X
Cornering lights5,6 X
Day running lights6 X
High wy lights6 X

1 additionally requires an Android device and an OBC licence for the I-BUS app
2 additionally requires an Android device and an OBC+DSP licence for the I-BUS app
3 note for E46/E83/E85: the front fog lights can't be controlled individually, but only together.
4 note for E46/E83/E85: this function is only available with factory "mirror memory"
5 note for E46/E83/E85: this function is not available
6 this function does not require an Android device (and no "reconnect to consumer shutdown").
7 does not work with active function for "old boby module"
general note: the function to be controlled must be installed, connected, intact and, if necessary, enabled/coded (e.g. auxiliary heating).

NOTE: You have to check whether these functions are permitted in your country within the scope of the road traffic regulations! Installation in a motor vehicle may invalidate its operating licence.

Use of the Resler Module

The following application options are envisaged:

As an interface plus extra functions for the I-BUS app

Like the old, black Resler Interface V6, the new, orange Resler module acts as an interface between the vehicle BUS system (I-BUS) and the Android device (Android radio, smartphone or tablet).
In addition, the Resler Module brings some extra functions listed above, which can be set upvia the I-BUS app but can also be implemented by the module independently of the app.

Standalone: Use WITHOUT Android Navi with the original radio/navi or other retrofit radio

Even without connection to an Android device's USB socket, the module can be used "standalone".
This means that the module may also be used in combination with the original radio or navigation system, or any aftermarket radio.
For this application, only the 4-pole plug must be connected to the BUS system, the easiest way is to connect the Resler module with a p'n'p adapter for flat pin or p'n'p adapter for round pin on the radio module. Optionally, of course, it can also be connected according to instructions . The USB connection remains unused for use in the vehicle and should therefore be ideally insulated/protected. Find a Protection cover for USB plug in our webshop.
The Resler Module can be set up via the I-BUS app on an Android device or conveniently on a PC with the Resler Module Configurator.

NOTE: The Resler Module comes configured for the E39 from the manufacturer! To avoid malfunctions, when using the module in another vehicle type, it HAVE TO BE set up with the Resler Module Configurator on PC BEFORE installing it to the car!

As I-/K-BUS interface for PC applications

Like the old, black Resler Interface V6, the new, orange Resler module acts as an interface between the vehicle BUS system (I-BUS) and a PC via USB interface.

Resler Modul Settings

Here you will find all Resler Module Settings.

Upgrade from Resler Interface to Resler Module

Here you can find instructions on how to upgrade from the Resler Interface to the Resler Module. Upgrade to Resler Module.

Resler Module Configurator

Here you can find information about the Windows programme Resler Module Configurator.

Topic: Consumer shutdown

With the new Resler Module there is no need to change radio wiring to consumer shutdown.
Therefore it is strongly recommended to reconnect the radio "normally" to terminal 15/ignition if it's connected to consumer shotdown right now.