How can I continue to using my DSP??

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To be able to use your DSP further the basic requirements for the app have to be:

Details can be found under: What do I need to use the I-BUS app?

Should NO sound come after successful activation of the license:
=> Please check that the DSP output stage is voltage and above all a Remote gets.

If there is NO sound after successful activation of the license, only a short beep or everything stops after ~30s:
=> Please perform a factory coding of the DSP power amplifier (let it do this) or follow the following steps:

Coding the DSP with the coding function of the I-BUS App:

  • Open the encoding function (drag left margin to the center or touch the three dashes at the top left)
  • Select DSP from the scrolldown and tap on Read Coding
  • Set the following parameters
    • Polling Timeout: inactive.
    • Controller: mid_basis

After coding, always switch off the ignition - wait for a second to remember - switch on the ignition. This is the only way to ensure that the new coding is accepted.

If this is not successful, please press the RESET button once in this screen.
If this does not lead to success either, the only option is correct factory coding with BMW software.
If the output stage cannot be read out, you either have a non-codable DSP1 and/or the output stage does not get a remote/the power supply is interrupted. (check fuses)

Note: To be able to code the DSP, it must be installed ex works. If the original DSP has been retrofitted, the ZCS (Central Coding Key) must also be adapted with the BMW software. Without the adaptation, the DSP will not appear in the list as an available control unit for coding.
More reasons for "no sound" after installation.